Viva Brazil - Cardiff

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

This week I visited Viva Brazil for the husbands birthday. It is somewhere we have been dying to try for a while and had heard nothing but good things about. When you arrive you are asked whether you would like the full 15 meats or just try 7.
I know my limits and I went for 7, which was a good decision because I had full on meat sweats by the end of the meal.

The salad bar was amazing, mainly because it had spicy fries and garlic mash (clearly not salad but who was I to judge) along with garlic mushrooms and slow cooked beef in black bean sauce. I was in heaven, then the meats started coming out. 

Each different meat is brought out on a skewer and the staff carve off slices for each person. I enjoyed every meat, everything had so much flavour and was cooked to perfection. The leg of lamb was probably my favourite, followed by the chilli chicken. 

The staff were really nice and made the experience all the more enjoyable. I can't wait to go again, so much so I've signed up for a loyalty card. Who wants a bikini body anyway?!

Abi xo

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