Game of Thrones - New Season Review

Monday, 25 April 2016

Last night I stayed up to watch the premier of Game of Thrones as it was first aired. I have been waiting for this episode for so long there wasn't anyway I was going to wait a minute longer than anyone else! There may be a few spoilers from this point so **SPOILER WARNING**

So where did it all end last season. Jon Snow was lying in a puddle of his own blood after being labled a traitor by his men. Daenerys had been captured by the Dotharki, Arya had been blinded and Sansa had finally escaped. Plus a million other cliff hangers that I could spend all day talking about.

So episode 1 of season 6 opens with Jon Snow, still dead btw, lying where they had attacked him. His wolf Ghost trying to get out to save him. Part of me was hoping Melisandre would just walk in, bring him back to life and Jon Snow would be about to go get revenge whilst saving the world from the White Walkers. It didn't happen. He is still dead and I'm still angry!

I'm also still really angry with Drogon. Just hurry up and save Dany already. She's been walked to god knows where by the Dothraki and very nearly gets raped by the whole khalasar before they realise who she is. Being a Khal's Widow may have saved her from them but they are still not allowing her to go back and be with her people.

However, Arya and Sansa are finally looking to have something go right for them. Arya is still very much blind which isn't amazing but it seems that it is all part of her training to become a faceless man. I think this will just make her into even more of a badass than she was before. Sansa escaping and finally answering to no one but herself is a story line I have been waiting for since season 2. Though, I have no idea what it means for Theon and if she will start to forgive him, or, now that she is 'safe', will she turn on him again, like he did to her family. 

Melisandre is going from weird to weirder in this season. The episode ended with her turning into a old woman. Is she giving up on the Lord of Light and finally giving into her, extremely, old age? Or is this the next stage of whatever plan she has foreseen in the flames?

In any case, I can't wait for next week already. When Jon Snow will be brought back to life and will be right with the world again! 

Have you seen the new episode? What are your thoughts on what is going to happen for the rest of the season?

Abi xo


  1. I woke up early this morning to watch the new episode before I went to work and tbh I thought it was a little bit underwhelming. I know they were just re - introducing us to the characters but still meh. Hoping episode 2 has a lot more going on in it!

    And I agree, I hope Sansa comes in to her own this season, and I really hope she becomes a bad ass.


    1. I know what you are saying, I wasn't expecting a massive episode for the first of the season because so much happened in the last episode of last season. So I wasn't really disappointed there wasn't any massive story line developments overall.

      I think this episode was the perfect set up for the rest of the season. It feels like something massive could happen at any moment. So many characters are at such a pivotal part of their lives and I'm sure this season won't disappoint.

      Abi xo