Lush Spring Blogger Event Cardiff

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

On Monday we were invited down to Lush Cardiff for the #LushSpring bloggers event. We love going to these events because we are massive Lush fans but also because they are always so much fun!

Some of our favourite products from last year are back. Bunch Of Carrots is now brighter than ever with them coming in three colours, not just orange like last year. The scent is still the same lemony fresh scent but who doesn't love more colour! I can't remember what Sunnyside looked like last year, just the citrus smell and that I loved it. I don't remember it being as glittery as it is now but I still love it. All the glitter that Lush use has no plastic in it and doesn't harm the environment so I am forever picking up all the amazing glittery products. I'm almost positive this is a product that you can get all year around now too which is great. 

Rose Bombshell and Flowering Tea are two new products this year. I'm not a major fan of either scent but absolutely love the look of both. I am not a massive floral fan so I'm not really the target market for them but I know a lot of the other bloggers at the event were raving about these two. 

Then on to our favourite spot in Lush, Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs. Which Came First? bath bomb was fab, this is another product returning from last year and even though it is a bomb can be split into 3 baths (or chuck it all in one, if you are feeling eggs-travagant, sorry bad joke). Also new this year is the Ladybird bubble bar which I featured in my Haul a few weeks ago. I am still yet to use it but I couldn't stop picking it up to smell all around the shop. 

We would also like to give a bug shout out to Lauren for showing us around and chatting to us for so long. It really makes a massive difference when someone takes the time to show you each product and gets to know what you like so they can suggest alternatives. It definitely made the experience a lot more interesting.

What are your favourite #LushSpring products? Have you picked any up yet, leave us the links to your hauls so we can be nosey!

Abi xo 

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  1. Love the post, And the carrots. I remember them selling well last year. Cheltenham shop had none in when I went!


    1. Thank you! They are fab, aren't they. My Lush basket is bursting with all the new products at the moment so my bathroom is smelling amazing! Hope you get your hands on some carrots this year!

      Abi xo

  2. Love this post - gutted I haven't bought more of the Easter range as it all seems so great :( out of interest, how did you end up going to the blogger event? Seems like great fun from what I've seen :)