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Monday, 15 February 2016

A day at the beach with Pugsey | Tilapia with mint and pomegranate pilaf | Bath, Book &Yankee Wax Tarts | More hospital appointments | Cheesy family photo | Pancake Day | Lancomè Event | GDL Clothing Bring Back Friday Jumper | Asian chicken skewers with noodles and carrot ribbons | How I spend most of my life - editing newborns | Arts and Crafts day in the studio | Out for a drive with Pugglebutt | Birthday day presents off some of my favourites | Birthday shopping | Consoling myself with a Starbucks after haveing to pay out so much for a new iMac when mine died | New Ikea makeup storage | 

Hope you are all having a fabulous Monday! What are your goals for the week? Do you have anything exciting planned? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to leave me your Instagram links so I can go and have a snoop of what you've been up to!

Abi xo

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  1. Such a great round up! I love your pug, sooo cute! Also Lush is the best. :)

    My insta is @tiu_elainea !!

    toast the girl almighty

    1. Thank you! He is awesome lol thanks for the link :) will go have a nose

      Abi xo