Day 6 - Universal Studios

Monday, 8 February 2016

Afternoon Guys!

I have another Florida post for you today, this is Day 6 of my holiday to Florida where we decided to take a trip to Universal. We got up sooo early on this day as we had to catch a bus at 8am outside our hotel.  As we arrived at Universal and walked through the gates we were both so excited. Universal has a very different feel to Disney, it feels more grown up, don't get me wrong being childish isn't a bad thing, I'm the biggest disney lover, haha. 

We headed straight to 'Revenge of the Mummy' which is a ride based on the film 'The Mummy', this is one of my favourite films ever. I am not going to lie but I closed my eyes all the way until the end of this ride, I was such a wimp, I kept thinking something was going to jump out at me as I was in the front row, haha. We then decided to go on 'Twister', which I thought was such a waste of time, it's quite an outdated ride that doesn't really do anything. We then rode 'Transformers: The Ride-3D and Terminator 2 3D, both of these rides were soo good but the Transformers ride was definitely my favourite. We then walked through 'Springfield' which is basically Simpsons land, I'm not a big fan of this show so I wasn't too excited about this, however my boyfriend was freaking out! We both decided to try 'The Simpsons Ride' I hated this, it's basically a simulator, it honestly made me feel so sick. We then headed to the 'Men in Black: Alien Attack', which is sort of like the 'Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin' ride, as you have to go head to head with your partner and shoot the different monsters to earn points, once again I lost, haha. We then made our way to the 'Despicable Me Minion Mayhem' ride, I had heard before I went to Florida that this ride always has the longest wait times, however it was only ten minutes so we decided to try it, it was a good ride, however if the queue was ever an hour long I don't think I would ride it. 

We then headed over to Diagon Alley, you wouldn't believe how excited I was for this, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. We headed straight to 'Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts' ride, this was probably one of my favourite rides during the whole holiday. The great thing about Universal is that you can put your belongings in a locker for free whilst you go on a ride, if you go over the time it gives you, it does charge but it's only a small amount which is worth it. We then wandered around Diagon Alley which is so surreal, it honestly feels like your in the movie. On the top of Gringotts Bank there is a huge dragon and every so often it comes to life and breaths fire, which is amazing. After all of this walking we headed to 'Mel's Drive in' which looks like a 50's diner, the food here was incredible and so cheap. 


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  1. I love universal studios i think the best rides there are the men in black, buzz and probably hulk. It's such a good day out but very tiring! xx

  2. It was an amazing park! Unfortunately 'The Hulk' ride was closed for refurbishment :( x

  3. I last went here in 2007 and missed Harry Potter world which im gutted about!!
    Hopefully I have another chance to go back

    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go
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    1. awww I wish I was going back! I loved it so much, it was amazing. :) x