Time for a Change

Monday, 11 January 2016

As many of you may have noticed, myself and Abi have completely changed our blog. Last year was quite a tough year for both of us, with Abi juggling both her full time job and the blog and myself trying to organise my life around the stress of university and family issues, which was very difficult. Towards the end of the year we felt like we had hit a brick wall and really struggled to come up with content, we didn't really like the look of our blog, we didn't feel like it reflected us as individuals. With 2016 coming in, we decided to get our thinking caps on and have a sit down and completely rethink our blog and what direction we wanted it to go in. We decided to completely change the layout of our blog and change over to wanderlustdaydreaming.co.uk (how professional, haha). We are both extremely grateful to all of the followers that have stuck with us even when we hit a low point and we can't wait to get our blog up and running again, with our new fancy layout, which we are both in love with.  We both have a tonne of ideas for posts which we can't wait to get writing.

Here's to a better year for Wanderlust Daydreaming!

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