Bath Christmas Markets

Sunday, 6 December 2015

This weekend I went to Bath to do a bit of Christmas shopping and visit the Christmas Markets. I have been so busy in work over the last few weeks I have been counting down the days so I could have a day away from the studio getting into the Christmas spirit. 

I went up with my husband, Nick and two of our friends. It was nice to spend some time all together because last time we went up to Bath shopping it was just the girls.

Of course the first stop was for my usual Starbucks fix. Can't go wrong with a caramel white mocha, especially when Christmas Blend is back on the menu.

Then it was on to shopping itself. I managed to at least start most people presents which is great because I have never been as disorganised as I am this year. Obviously I can't show you an awful lot of the shopping side of things as it will spoil everyones gifts. The market itself was rammed and we couldn't get close to half of the stalls but it was still lovely walking around and feeling festive. I absolutely love Bath, it is such a picturesque place and I am always really shocked at how close it is.

After walking miles and miles and not being able to get in anywhere for food we finally got a table in TGI Fridays. I have only been once so it made a nice change from the usual Nando's. Me and Stacey shared the bucket of Jack Daniel's ribs and wings, with a cocktail each to wash it down and it was all beautiful. 

Then we finished the day off with another stroll around the now quieter markets and having a selfie with Santa. It was a well needed day away from work and I really enjoyed myself. Bath at Christmas is definitely turning into a Christmas tradition and I am now in full on Christmas mode!

 Abi xo

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  1. Great post! Made me a little homesick, I went to Bath Uni and for the fast few years have gone back to the Christmas Markets! Such Christmas vibes! :)

    1. Thank you! Aww it must have been great living there, it's a beautiful place.

      Abi xo