Lush Winter & Christmas Bloggers Event

Thursday, 12 November 2015

This Tuesday we were invited to Lush Cosmetics' Winter/Christmas blogger event. Myself and Savannah love going to these events and having demonstrations of all the new products by the awesome staff at the Cardiff store.  

This time was no different, as we walked through the door we were greeted with mulled fruit drinks and mince pies and were shown around. The Cardiff store has just been refurbished and looks amazing but with everything moved around and changed it took us a while to find some of our old favourites that are back for the Christmas season. I'm really glad to see that Candy Mountain is back and also The Luxury Bath Pud. Savannah also couldn't wait to get her hands on a giant bottle of Snow Fairy. 

We also really liked Five Gold Rings, which were individual bubble bars that smelled amazing! After having a good look around we were then given the opportunity to make our very own Bar Humbug Bubble Bar, as you can see below, I wasn't the best at it.

As we were leaving we were given a goody bag with some of the Christmas products in, which included a Cinders Bath Bomb and The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar Wand. Cinders wasn't really a product that I was going to try as I didn't love the scent in store, but after getting it home, I'm glad I got one as it smells a lot nicer than I remembered. The wand was something that I wanted to try as it looked so lovely. I can't wait for some free time to have a relaxing Christmassy bath. 

I also got a Santa's Belly Shower Jelly. I love the scent of this and I have never used a Lush Jelly so I am keen to see how it works. However it did leak everywhere in my bag so all my products were a little soggy by the time I got home.

What is your favourite product from the winter range? 

Abi xo

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  1. Ooh I really love the look of Santa's Belly! Shame it leaked, but I bet everything smells even more delicious! I cannot wait to check out the Lush Winter/ Christmas ranges soon! :)

    1. Haha yes, it did just add extra christmassy scent to everything lol

      Abi xo