October Life Update - Back To Blogging

Monday, 12 October 2015

Hi guys! Hope you are all well. I am so happy to be back blogging again after having a break for the last few weeks. Even though its been nice to not have to make sure I have something scheduled to go live every few days I have missed creating content and blogging in general. 

October is my favourite month of the year by far. I love the weather and clothes. I love the leaves everywhere and halloween displays in shops. I love the trickles of excitement starting to build for Christmas. And I love how much I have planned for this October. 

I have been super busy since going on my little break. Work has taken up most of my time but I have also started attending a physiotherapy rehab for my joints twice a week. I have been diagnosed with Hyper Mobility Syndrome and whilst this is something that people live with all their lives without any trouble, I was having terrible pain all over my body. After a visit with my GP he referred me to a physio who then took me straight off the waiting list for rehab and started me straight away as my joints were so bad. I am so grateful to to have been given a place so quickly as it has made a massive difference already. 

Another big event that has happened whilst I've been away is that it looks like we are going to finally be able to buy our first home. Nothing is set in stone yet so I won't say too much just yet, but hopefully the work that needs doing will be able to be started this side of Christmas and we could be moving in just after the new year. We've been trying to save to buy our own house for quite a while so we can't wait to finally be on the property ladder and have house that is actually ours. 

What have you all been up to while I was away? Leave your links to blog posts below for me to have a nose :) 

Abi xo

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