Disneyworld Travel Diary - Day One

Friday, 2 October 2015

Hey guys!!! I have some exciting posts coming up for you all. As some of you may know I have recently come back from my holiday to Florida, there are no words to describe how amazing this holiday was, I loved every second of it. The first few posts I have are going to be day by day diaries of what I did each day whilst I was there. So let's get on with it!

We didn't arrive in our hotel until around half seven in the evening on the 3rd September so by the time we got ourselves settled into our hotel which was the All Star Sports Resort, we decided to have an early night so we could feel fresh and ready for the next day.  We woke up extremely early on our first day in Florida, 4:30 am to be exact, jetlag definitely kicked in, haha! We decided to venture to one of the waterparks first as it was boiling in Florida. The first waterpark we went to was Blizzard Beach, this park was so relaxed and really fun, with a variety of things to do. Unfortunately I only have one photo from this park but my boyfriend took his GoPro with him so we have a heap of footage to go through and edit to put into a series of Florida vlogs.

We spent around about 3-4 hours in the waterpark before we headed back to the hotel to get changed and make our way to the next park which was EPCOT. This park has a very different feel to the other parks, it's more sightseeing than thrill seeking, however it is still a beautiful park. We wandered around the different countries which were spread out around a huge lake, you don't actually realise how far you have walked once you've walked around the lake. Each country had something different to offer and a different atmosphere, there really was something for everyone.

My favourite ride at this park was definitely 'Soarin', this was such a strange and surreal feeling but so much fun. Your basically sat in a row on what looks like a hand glider which rises you up in the air and makes you feel like you are gliding over California. After we wandered around the lake we decided to grab some food as we were both starving, we decided to eat in Liberty Inn in America, this was a quick service restaurant which served a mixture of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and salads, the food was beautiful.

Towards the end of the night we made our way to a spot on the side of the lake ready for IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, a firework and light show on the lake. This show was breathtaking and such an amazing way to end our first night in Florida.

I'm so sorry that these posts have taken so long but i've had to sort through a heap full of pictures, hopefully the next one should be up very soon, which is Day 2 - Magic Kingdom.


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  1. It looks amazing! Can't wait to see the next post x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I had the time of my life! Incredible place, aww thanks, it should be up next week :) x

  2. Disney world is amazing. Haven't been there since 2007. Would love to go again.

    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

    1. It's an incredible place! I loved it so much! X

  3. Ahhh I love Disney! I went last year and fell in love! Such a great place to visit! Excellent photos you've shared! :)

  4. We went to Disney in 2014 and are due to go again soon. That was a great shot at Blizzard Beach