A Weekend On The Road with Fingertrap

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

This weekend me and Pugs decided to go on a little road trip and see Nick play at a few festivals. It was Brecon Fringe Festival weekend which is always a busy time for Fingertrap, so we jumped on the band wagon (sorry, rubbish joke), we got in the van and headed off. Because they were playing in so many different places over the weekend it meant we could see loads of our friends and family in different venues. The first gig was in Margam Park for Kaya Festival and then after a late night it was straight back in the van and to Tenby.

It was a beautiful day and after showing a friend from Germany around we headed for the venue. When we got there we realised something was up and, to cut a long story short, their set was cancelled last minute so after a little more sight seeing it was back in the van and straight to Brecon. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera, as I knew it was going to be super busy everywhere and I didn't want to have to look after that and Pugsey, so I only have photos from my phone.

Brecon was awesome, as always, and the boys had a full crowd. The pub hit capacity and had people queueing all the way up the street, some even tried sneaking in. They always love playing Brecon Jazz weekend as the crowds really love their music up there and they are forever getting stopped for photos and to sign merch when we walk around the town. After a night in my parents caravan with us all crammed in on airbeds we woke to my dad making us bacon rolls for the road. Then it was on to the next gig.  

The last gig was in Coleford, Forest of Dean. It was a small community run festival but it was probably the best gig of the weekend. The stage and sound was great and the crowd really enjoyed the boys' set. We were all so tired getting back in the van after packing the equipment away but I couldn't stop smiling! I am so proud of Nick and the rest of the boys in everything that they have and are achieving! They have just finished recording their next single, and I can't wait to show you all!

Next show is at BoomTown Fair on Friday, they are playing the China Town Stage with Less Than Jake. I have a pit pass for this festival so I will definitely be taking my camera and taking some better photos. 

Abi xo

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  1. I cant believe you have a pug, I AM SO JEALOUS.
    Love reading posts like this, love your blog.
    Amy | Blonde Amy x

    1. Aww thank you! We adopted him a few months ago, he's so funny!

      Abi xo