PLL Finale

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


*Warning, this post contains quite a few spoilers*

Last night was the mid season finale of Pretty Little Liars and I was so excited to finally find out who A is. I have been watching this show for about two or three years and I'm obsessed with it. After scrolling through facebook and twitter this morning I seen a tonne of tweets and statuses on how angry people were with the finale of Pretty Little Liars and the unmasking of A. In last nights episode, Cece Drake was unmasked as the person who had been tormenting the girls for many years. As she took off her black hoodie I felt slightly dissapointed as I was desperate for A to be one of the liars or one of the boyfriends, I wanted it to really take me by surprise and have a huge impact on me. After that I thought that I wouldn't really enjoy the finale as this wasn't the person that I wanted to be 'A'. However as Cece told her story on how she was born as Charles and was Alisons brother, but always wanted to be a girl, I was really intrigued by how everything pieced together. I thought her story was really moving and was quite sad, it took a different turn to what I had expected. I was expecting myself to feel hatred towards 'A' but as I watched Cece pour her heart out it was difficult not to feel sorry for her. Sara Harvey was also revealed to be both redcoat and the black widow, I wasn't too keen on this storyline as I just didn't understand her reason for doing this, it didn't really seem to fit together. I desperately wanted this episode to go on for longer as there were so many questions that I felt were not answered, hopefully they will be in the next half of the season. I can't wait for the five year jump to see where all the characters are in their lives and how they have changed.

Did you enjoy the final of PLL?

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  1. I felt exactly the same! I really thought Wren made the most sense to be Charles. But I don't mind CeCe's storyline too - it was pretty heartbreaking hearing it all. I really don't understand why Sara's Red Coat/Black Widow though! There's so many plotholes with the story which is so disappointing because I wanted it all to come together and it didn't feel like it did. But like you say, hopefully they'll answer it in 6B! The time jump will be pretty interesting too :) x

  2. It makes sense for CeCe to be Charles but I was still a bit disappointed. And Sara being Black Widow / Red Coat was not what I was expecting.