Making My House A Home - Bedroom

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Our bedroom is a very odd shape so finding furniture that fits in the gaps is a bit of a task. I would love to get a new bed but can't decide on whether I would prefer a frame made of palettes that is very low or the complete opposite, a luxurious high bed. I love the shabby chic look in bedrooms and pastel colours would be lovely to tie everything together. 

I have been loving Dunelm at the moment for their furniture. There is a new store opening close to me and I can't wait!

Abi xo

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  1. Hey, I really love the shabby chic look, too. That's also why I painted my room in a lighter colour last year. It's always so much fun to redecorate a room and buy new furniture. (Just running through IKEA looking at all the furniture is fun enough for me) Hope the outcome is the way you want it :)
    Norina xx

    1. I love IKEA so much, even when I'm not redecorating! Thank you :)

      Abi xo

  2. Ah love all of these looks. I need serious bedroom inspiration right now- I live with my boyfriend!