Thorpe Park - Review

Friday, 31 July 2015

Last week we went to Thorpe Park as part of our anniversary celebrations. We had been before but it had been years so we were all really excited. We booked our tickets in advance and picked them up at the gates which was super easy and one less thing to worry about when we were packing our stuff for the trip. 

When we got into the park all of the queue times were under 20 minutes and stayed like that pretty much all day. The longest we queued was 30 minutes which was nothing to the 4 hour waits the last time we visited. As soon as we got there we also purchased a few refillable drinks cups and a photo pass. It was £5 for the drink and £30 for the photo pass but we shared both between the 6 of us, obviously we bought more than one cup, but it meant we didn't have to dig around for cash after every ride. I think if you are in a group, both are well worth the money as we had 30 photos all together with our photo pass and every time we passed a refill station, another drink. 

My favourite ride was probably The Swarm but I only got to go on there once. I really enjoyed the I'm A Celeb bushtucker trials too, even if they didn't have real creepy crawlies it was still a good laugh. All in all our day was great! 

The only thing that did annoy us a little was come 5 o'clock the bigger rides, with the longest queues, all seemed to miraculously start having technical difficulties and being shut down. This happened the last time we were there too and I don't think it was a coincidence. The refill stations for the drinks also closed quite early, leaving one open that we could find and it had a ridiculously long queue. 

Abi xo


  1. I love thorpe park, great post!

    Elle x

  2. I love Thorpe park! I need to revisit! Xx