Behind The Scenes Of A Location Photo Shoot

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I am really lucky that I have a job I love. As lots of you will already know, I am a photographer and I opened my own photography studio last year. Even though I love my studio, one of the best bits is getting to go out on location and shoot without having to work around another job. Yesterday was one of those days and I had an awesome time, so I thought I would share with you what really happens on location. 

Before you start anything you have to get your idea straight and focused. A lot of the time this depends on the customer who the shoot is for but on this occasion it was just for me to have a bit of fun so I created a mood board on Pinterest and started looking for models. There are a number of ways I scout for models but Twitter and Facebook are always great for networking as well as sites used exclusively for networking creatives. Once everything is set, I go location hunting. This shoot was unique to the fact that the location was only 5 minutes away from my house. It is a massive perk to living in The Valleys in South Wales. However this bit, I find, can usually take the longest. 

Then on to the day of the shoot. I usually work with stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists but as this shoot was a little last minute I drafted in my sister and we did it together along with the models. Another thing you have to work around on location is electricity, for the team to do their work. We used my studio for this shoot as it was so close but usually its pubs nearby or we do as much as we can at someones home and then do the last bits and touch ups at the location. 

This shoot also involved a Hawk. 9 times out of 10 it is true what they say about children and animals, never work with them. I work with both quite frequently and you can never tell how something is going to go. On this occasion though, we were expecting the bird to be really difficult, but he was great! Especially with how warm it was and with the smoke bombs and reflectors going, the bird was the easiest part of the shoot. 

Directing is a part of photography that I never thought I would be good at, but the more I shoot with people the easier I find it to convey the image in my head to the person I'm shooting. Getting the model to pose exactly how you want them is not always the easiest job and it doesn't happen straight away, once you have placed them, don't be afraid to move them again if it's not quite right.  

I love a smoke bomb but it is another thing that is difficult to shoot with, as soon as the wind changes or stops blowing it changes the image dramatically. We were lucky that up on top of the mountain was windy, but it still was quite difficult once the wind changed direction.

When you're out on location it is always good to remember lots of refreshments and to have a break quite frequently, with this shoot there was no shade anywhere so we went back and forth to the cars for breaks as the last thing you want is heat exhaustion. 

The first image on the post is one of the final images, there are loads more from this shoot that I love! You can see all of the final images and more on my Facebook page. I quite like doing photography posts so if you have any questions or any posts you would like me to do feel free to let me know in the comments.

Abi xo


  1. would love to see final shots.. this look like it would be really cool xx