Paul Mitchell Big Night Out Blogger Event

Friday, 26 June 2015

We have had a week of events this week, and there are still more to go! Last night Savannah and I ventured over to the beautiful Saint Davids Hotel in Cardiff Bay for the Paul Mitchell Big Night Out Event. New CID Cosmetics were also there to do our makeup and give us a little preview of all their new products.

When we arrived we were given a glass of Prosecco and offered some canap├ęs. Me being the sump that I am, could not resist the mini yorkshire puddings and I'm pretty sure I ate most of them to myself. We met the other bloggers, who were all really lovely, and swapped twitter handles because for the first time in a long time we hadn't met any of the other bloggers at the event. 

Then it was on to the main event. The hairstylist from Paul Mitchell started working her magic while the makeup artist started talking us through the products. They were both so talented, it's all me and Savannah talked about on the way home. Each person worked so quickly and made it look so easy and the results were flawless. While there was a person in each chair we all congregated on the bed to watch them get made over and talk all things blog.

There were so many people to get through me and Savannah decided that I would have my makeup done and she would get her hair done so that we could write about both but not take up too much of everyone elses time. 

I loved my makeup. the foundation was a little too dark for me and was the lightest shade but it would be perfect for the next few months when I get a little bit of colour in me. My favourite product he used on me though was the concealer/highlighter. This did match me perfectly and really did make a massive difference in the overall look. 

After watching the other girls at the event get their hair done, I was busting for the stylist to do mine. She was incredibly talented and actually made a flower out of one of the girls hair, amazing. I sat on the chair and she asked me what I would like to have done. My hair is quite long now and I knew I wanted something with a plait, as this would be perfect for summer. She worked so quick and done a huge plait starting from the front of my head right around to the back, she then pulled at a few pieces to make it look a little bit more effortless. I couldn't believe how amazing it looked, I loved it. I wish I could of brought her home with me to style my hair everyday. 

After we went out onto the balcony to make the most of the beautiful venue and the setting sun we were given goodie bags. It had the Ultimate Colour Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Triple Rescue Spray. A gorgeous rose gold Paul Mitchell hair brush and a New CID Lipgloss. 

We had a great night and it felt really good to just relax and have a girly evening with some great company. I can't wait to get trying all of our new products.

Abi & Sav


  1. What an amazing opportunity :)

  2. Looks like a fantastic time! Glad you could enjoy such an opportunity :-) x

  3. It was! So glad it stayed sunny too, the hotel has a great view for photos!

    Abi xo