Entourage Preview Screening

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Entourage movie is out in the UK on Friday and myself and a few friends were invited to a preview screening earlier this week. We are all massive Entourage fans so it was a drop everything and go moment, as we've been counting down the days until the release for months. 

If you enjoyed the series you will most definitely love the film. It is starts just a few months after the series ends and is like you are watching an extended episode. It was laugh out loud funny and you could hear the whole theatre was taken in by the characters, especially Johnny Drama at the end. 

We also took along a friend that had never seen the series and had no idea about the story line previous to the movie. He loved it and has now started watching the series from the beginning. So whether you are an Entourage newbie or seasoned fan, you will love this film. I really hope they bring back the tv show or at the very least make another movie. I'm not ready to loose Vinnie Chase and his Entourage. 

Abi xo


  1. Seen this series on Sky so would be very interested in seeing a movie about them!

    1. If you enjoyed the series I think it would be difficult not to enjoy the film :)

      Abi xo