BENUGO - Review

Saturday, 27 June 2015

When we were in London earlier this week, myself and my sister Kristie stumbled on a place called BENUGO. As we waled up the street we could smell something really good and as we got closer we realised it was this cafe. When we walked in we were greeted with an industrial style cafe with the friendliest staff. They came straight over to us when we were eyeing up the menu and let us know what the specials that day were.

Kristie had the Italian Deli Ciabatta which she really enjoyed and it looked lovely, she had eaten too much junk on the way up though and ended up wrapping the second half up to eat on the way home.

I had the Fish Finger Ciabatta with Tartar Sauce and Lettuce, which was one of the specials and it was so nice. Mine was gone in a flash and the sparkling lemon juice washed it down lovely. BENUGO is definitely somewhere I would recommend if you are looking for a nice, cheap and easy lunch. 

Where are your favourite places to have lunch in London?

Abi xo

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