Baby Shower

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

This weekend was an extremely busy one in my house. My sister is currently seven months pregnant and expecting her first child, which is a girl. I am so excited to become an auntie and decided to throw a baby shower for my sister on Sunday afternoon. This baby shower took weeks of planning as I wanted it to be really special, each week I was picking up various pink decorations to decorate the hall.

I used a mixture of 'baby shower' banners and balloons to decorate the majority of the hall. I also bought twelve pink tablecloths to decorate each table. On each table I made my own decorations which included; a little pink basket, which was filled with pink and white marshmallows. I also used a small silver pot which was filled with pink tissue paper, I then took a pink and white straw and clipped a peg with a picture of a baby to the top of the straw. In this pot, I also placed a plastic pink rose and then tied a ribbon around the outside of the pot with a small message which said 'Thanks For Making Me Bloom', I thought this decoration really brought the tables to life and made them look so pretty.

 I also made a few of my own banners, my favourite was this clothes line banner. For this, I cut out templates of baby grows on both pink and white paper and then cut out letters for her name, which as you can see is 'Ava'. I then laminated these and placed them onto a washing line using pegs. 

During the baby shower, we also played a few games, which I found on Pinterest. The first game we played was 'Guess the Size', this involved each team taking a piece of string and guessing the size of the baby bump.  We then moved on to the 'Guess the Chocolate' game, for this, each team was given five nappies which had different chocolate fillings, you can imagine what this looked like, haha. Each team would then have to smell or even lick the chocolate and guess which chocolate it was, this game was hysterical to watch and everyone was in fits of laughter. The next game we played involved each team nominating one person to be a model, the remaining members of the team would then have to take a roll of toilet paper and try to make a nappy on the model, as you can see the men really enjoyed this game, haha. The last game we played was a balloon game. Each team had five players and one by one each player would have to blow up a balloon and quickly put it under their top to form a baby bump, the next player in the team would then have to do the same. Once each player on the team had blown up their balloon and placed it under their T-shirt, they had to try and pop their balloons using each other, this game was so funny and everyone got extremely competitive.

I thoroughly enjoyed planning and carrying out this baby shower and everyone said that they really enjoyed themselves, which is always nice to hear.



  1. Lovely decorations, they look really nice! Those games sound hilarious too. x

    1. Aww thank you, I loved making them :) they were, it was so funny! X

  2. Great idea for the men to attend baby showers, Ive only been to showers with womem

    1. The men loved it just as much as the women :)

  3. Great ideas, you've done it perfectly!:)
    Activities for men are really creative and fresh thing in baby shower preparing!:)
    Have lot's fun!:)
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