Trying New Things

Friday, 24 April 2015

I am the sort for finding a product I like and sticking to it and I tend to shy away from trying new things. But I have started pushing myself lately, in all aspects of life (mainly food), to try new things. So if I find myself having a natter with someone at a beauty counter, again trying new things would have never done that last year, I always see what samples of products they have to share. These are not all beauty counter samples some are magazine freebies but none the less I am trying them all. I must say I am still gravitating towards Roller Lash, how amazing is this mascara?! Not only is it great to get a small sample of products before you spend a bit of money on the full thing but trial size makeup is perfect to fit in your bag or take away in your hand luggage. 

Abi xo


  1. Itty bitty samples are the best! I wish they were more of the norm than the rest because that's all I ever need or want. Roller ball perfumes are my fav too. Perfect sizes.

    -Cory U | Cory U

    1. Yes! I have a few small perfumes that are perfect when you want to switch it up or pop one in your bag. I love samples, if I could get away with not buying any makeup and just using these I would lol

      Abi xo