McBusted MEATour Cardiff - An Unexpected Night Out

Saturday, 11 April 2015

So yesterday I was on the way down to Cardiff to do a spot of shopping with the husband as he is off to Germany to do a few gigs next week (standard Insta shot here) and had a wonderful phone call. I had been trying all day to acquire some tickets for McBusted's show as a surprise for Nick's birthday, which is today (Happy Birthday Nick), but it was a sell out. I tried all ways to get tickets but all I could get was standing tickets which, for a number of reasons which are both boring and unnecessary to the story, were unsuitable. I had all but given up and went down to Cardiff not really looking my best, to then get a phone call from a friend who had managed to get me on the promoters guest list for the show! Not only did I have amazing seats, they were free, +1 awesome wife points! 

Sorry for the terrible iPhone photos (didn't know I was going and all that)
The show, as always with McFly/McBusted was amazing! I know a lot of people think they are uncool and I know a lot of people there were only there for the nostalgia but they are all really awesome musicians. I have followed McFly from the beginning and have always thought they were one of the biggest underrated bands, and as I have said before, some of McBusted's new songs are really overly cheesy but they do know how to put on an epic show. I don't care who you are, there is no way you can keep still at a McBusted gig! We also made it onto 'Kiss Cam' during It's All About You so if anyone has any video/photos please link me below because I was too busy kissing Nick to see!

Abi xo

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