Making Baby Shower Cupcakes

Thursday, 16 April 2015

So this was supposed to get uploaded last night but I fell asleep as it took so long to make the cakes. Epic fail! Anywho my sister is going to a friends baby shower today and decided to offer her expertise in cake making. Just to clarify, she has none. So what she really meant when she said "Ahh I will make the cakes" was "Ahh Abigail will make me some cakes, I will decorate a little bit of them and pretend that I made them all". So that is what happened. 

I made a mixture of raspberry and chocolate cakes then iced them both with buttercream, the chocolate ones also had chocolate ganache. The icing wasn't exactly what we had planned but at 10:30 at night with 20 cakes to ice I had given up caring. 

Kristie made small little toppers for the raspberry cakes out of roll out icing, there were a few dummies and prams in there. We had quite a few spare so we had them for breakfast this morning and they tasted beautiful, even if I do say so myself.

We did say we would upload every day of April but I have managed to miss one or two. This should be rectified as of today as a few little things were sprung on me so I didn't have time to post. 

Abi xo