Fashion Photography Inspiration - Lara Jade

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lara Jade has been my biggest inspiration in fashion photography since I decided that fashion would be my genre for the final major piece of my degree. She is so young compared to most of her peers at her level and she has shot straight up through the ranks with ease. Her work speaks for itself really. It's classy and timeless but at the same time so edgy and new. 

She is definitely someone that is not only a massive inspiration but a great role model for young women wanting a career in a very male dominated area. When I studied photography at university I only had one female lecturer and she wasn't a photographer, she was an analyst. But in the last few years I have seen a major leap in the amount of female photographers, not just locally but also on a larger platform, holding their own. Lara Jade has also brought out a book, Fashion Photography 101, which is a great read not only for fashion photographers but people thinking about starting fashion photography.

Do you have any favourite photographers or anything that inspires your photography?

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