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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I always find deciding on how to photograph things for the blog the hardest. Being a photographer I sometimes think people will be scrutinising at my images more as it is part of my day job. I usually chicken out of using too many props and just go for plain and simple. But yesterday I decided to have a play around with a few things I had lying around the studio.

I love my wooden backdrop, I have a few varieties and it nearly always works really well for the products I am photographing. I do like to mix it up a bit though, I hate clicking on the blog and seeing a stream of product images all taken on the same backdrop in the same way. 

I think fairy lights are always a good shout to liven up an image. These were Ikea lights and they have such an awesome variety at the moment so I would recommend a look. Then placing everything on top of a magazine and throwing in some sun glasses added in a bit of interest to an otherwise boring image of some mascaras (post coming soon btw). 

What are your blog photography prop must haves? Anything you think you could work on?

Abi xo

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