21st Birthday in London

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Most of you probably don't know but it was my 21st birthday on Saturday. I really wanted to do something special for this, as it's quite a big birthday. My mother and father very kindly decided to book tickets for my boyfriend Shane and I to go and see 'Miss Saigon' in London. This is a musical that I have wanted to see for so long and I was ecstatic when I was told that I had tickets. I woke up at 4am on the morning of my birthday, as we needed to catch the 6am megabus from Cardiff. I woke up to the whole of downstairs covered in banners and balloons, which was so cute. I received a lovely jacket and a box full of bath goodies from my mother and father, they also bought me One Direction tickets and gave me money, I felt so lucky. I also had a beautiful cake made for me, which my mam and dad surprised me with. My sister also gave me money and my boyfriend Shane treated me to the most amazing shoes, Nike Roshe Runs, they are bright pink and extremely comfy. After I had got dressed and ready, myself and Shane headed out the door. The megabus to London was so quick, three hours to be exact. We arrived in London around 9am and went straight to Wetherspoons for breakfast as we were both extremely hungry.

We both went for a lovely cooked breakfast which was delicious, we then decided to use the Uber app for the first time. It's amazing how this works, you simply use the map and pinpoint where you are and where you want to go and a taxi instantly comes and picks you up. The app shows you what the driver looks like and their registration number, which is so helpful. All the payments are done through the app and it is so much more easier as you know your fare before you get in the taxi. The taxi drivers are also extremely friendly and chatty, which makes your journey a lot more enjoyable. We headed for Oxford Street and decided to go straight to Forever21, there was nothing that really stood out for me in this shop which was disappointing, however Shane did pick up a few bits and pieces. We then decided to go to Selfridges, the beauty department in this store is unreal, it's absolutely massive and can be quite overwhelming, haha, especially if your a makeup addict like me. I was strolling past the Charlotte Tilbury counter and picked up the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, as soon I picked it up I heard Shane say "if you want it go and get it, i'll get it for you for your birthday", how cute is he?! I instantly shook my head as this is such an expensive product and I didn't want him paying all that money for it but he insisted and got it for me, bless him, I was extremely grateful for this. I also bought a few more bits and pieces which will be shown in a haul very soon.
After a crazy five hours of shopping, we headed to the Prince Edward Theatre. We picked up our tickets and made our way to our seats, I could not believe how close we were to the stage, we could see everything perfectly. The show was incredible and I throughly enjoyed every second of it, the actors were incredible, I cannot recommend it enough. I will probably end up going to see it again before the end of the year. After the show, myself and Shane decided to get some food, out of all of the places I could of chosen to eat in London, I chose Pizza Express, haha. I had been thinking about pizza for most of the day so it was hard to try and force myself to go anywhere else. The pizza was beautiful and went down a treat, after this we had to head back to the bus station to get our bus home, we had the megabus gold home which was way more comfier and even had plug sockets and wifi, heaven, haha!

I had such a lovely day in London and can't wait to go again, I am so grateful for everything that I received for my birthday. I hope you enjoyed this post.



  1. Best birthday ever! Happy 21st lovely. I have the pink roshes too and LOVE them!

    Ashleigh x

    ♥ ♡ ♥ Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle and Fashion blog ♥ ♡ ♥

  2. Happy Birthday hun! Sounds like you had a lovely time. xo

    -Cory U | Cory U

  3. Happy Birthday! That sounds a great day, i'm amazed you didn't have to stop over! Re the Pizza Express thing - i'm always the same. Go to a town with loads of individual restaurants and end up at a chain!

    Amy at Amy & More