London Haul

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hey guys! I did promise a London haul, so here it is. I did write a post a few days ago on my birthday trip to London if you wanted to check it out. I absolutely love London, it's probably one of my favourite places ever. However, I have never actually been there before to do some shopping, so I was extremely excited as we had five hours free before 'Miss Saigon' started.

The first shop we went to was Selfridges, if you've ever been here before you know it's very overwhelming. The beauty department in this store is unbelievable, with many different counters to chose products from. The first counter I headed to was Charlotte Tilbury, I am obsessed with her products, everything from packaging to the actual product is just completely on point. My boyfriend very kindly treated me to the Filmstar Bronze & Glow, the gold packaging on this is beautiful and looks amazing in my makeup collection. The actual product itself is also very impressive, you can literally pick up the tiniest amount of bronzer or highlighter to use as it's so pigmented. The next product I picked up was a Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square. I have heard so many good reviews on this product from many bloggers and youtubers so I knew I needed to get it, this lip pencil is a lovely orange toned red and I don't think I have anything in my makeup collection that is similar to it.

The next place I decided to visit in London was KIKO, I have only tried one of their water eyeshadows and instantly fell in love with it, so I knew I needed to try more products. I decided to pick up a Lip Pencil in the shade '300', this shade is the perfect match to MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick. I then picked up two of the Long Lasting Sticks in the shades '37' which is a burgundy shade and '05' which is a champagne kind of colour. Many bloggers have said that these long lasting sticks are very similar to the By Terry shadow sticks, which is something that I have been lusting after for ages.  Finally, the last place I decided to visit was SpaceNk. I headed straight towards the Hourglass stand and picked up the Ambient Lighting Palette as I have had my eye on this for so long. I haven't tried this yet but as soon as I do I will let you know what it's like.

After all the makeup shopping, we decided to quickly head into LUSH on Oxford Street, which is huge. There were so many products I didn't know where to start, I finally decided to pick up The Experimenter and Dragon's Egg, both of these products smell delightful and I can't wait to try them.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite beauty products at the moment?


1000 Followers Giveaway!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wanderlust Daydreaming has hit 900 followers! We can't believe that in just 9 months we are so close to hitting 1000 followers and can't thank you all enough! To celebrate when we hit this massive milestone, we have decided to hold a giveaway. 

Over the next few weeks we will both be collecting some of our favourite products and as soon as we get to 1000 followers the giveaway will go live. We would really appreciate your help in sharing our blog and getting us to our goal quicker.  

Abi & Sav xo

Under The Sea Inspired Look Book

This is going to be a very photo heavy post so I won't write too much. Here is a look book that I shot in my studio last week. The theme was 'Under The Sea' and it was so much fun. I haven't been able to shoot much fashion and editorial stuff lately as I have been so busy with other work but I am determined to book more of this in over the next few months. 

 Abi xo

My Favourite Posts So Far...

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

As I write this we are on the verge of hitting 900 followers on Bloglovin' and creeping up on 20k total views. It is such a surreal feeling that this time last year Wanderlust Daydreaming wasn't even around and now myself and Savannah have managed to not only take the leap and start writing a blog but by anyones standards, haven't done a half bad job of it. I was feeling a bit nostalgic at this thought so felt like sharing some of my favourite posts with you. 

These are not the most viewed or the most commented on posts. They are posts that I am so glad I wrote as they bring back such amazing memories. I would have all but forgotten the feeling of being stood, soaked through in a thunder storm in Switzerland, filling with tears as my husband rocked out to an amazing crowd. Or the amazing sense of pride I felt as the ribbon of my very own studio got cut and everyones amazed faces as the walked in for the first time. These were events that changed our lives into something amazing and without writing those feelings down and sharing them they would have been lost.

Now this is a more recent post but I am still really proud of it. I wasn't sure how it was going to go down as I had never created one of these posts before but it turned out to be one of our most popular posts to date.

Abi xo

21st Birthday in London

Most of you probably don't know but it was my 21st birthday on Saturday. I really wanted to do something special for this, as it's quite a big birthday. My mother and father very kindly decided to book tickets for my boyfriend Shane and I to go and see 'Miss Saigon' in London. This is a musical that I have wanted to see for so long and I was ecstatic when I was told that I had tickets. I woke up at 4am on the morning of my birthday, as we needed to catch the 6am megabus from Cardiff. I woke up to the whole of downstairs covered in banners and balloons, which was so cute. I received a lovely jacket and a box full of bath goodies from my mother and father, they also bought me One Direction tickets and gave me money, I felt so lucky. I also had a beautiful cake made for me, which my mam and dad surprised me with. My sister also gave me money and my boyfriend Shane treated me to the most amazing shoes, Nike Roshe Runs, they are bright pink and extremely comfy. After I had got dressed and ready, myself and Shane headed out the door. The megabus to London was so quick, three hours to be exact. We arrived in London around 9am and went straight to Wetherspoons for breakfast as we were both extremely hungry.

We both went for a lovely cooked breakfast which was delicious, we then decided to use the Uber app for the first time. It's amazing how this works, you simply use the map and pinpoint where you are and where you want to go and a taxi instantly comes and picks you up. The app shows you what the driver looks like and their registration number, which is so helpful. All the payments are done through the app and it is so much more easier as you know your fare before you get in the taxi. The taxi drivers are also extremely friendly and chatty, which makes your journey a lot more enjoyable. We headed for Oxford Street and decided to go straight to Forever21, there was nothing that really stood out for me in this shop which was disappointing, however Shane did pick up a few bits and pieces. We then decided to go to Selfridges, the beauty department in this store is unreal, it's absolutely massive and can be quite overwhelming, haha, especially if your a makeup addict like me. I was strolling past the Charlotte Tilbury counter and picked up the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, as soon I picked it up I heard Shane say "if you want it go and get it, i'll get it for you for your birthday", how cute is he?! I instantly shook my head as this is such an expensive product and I didn't want him paying all that money for it but he insisted and got it for me, bless him, I was extremely grateful for this. I also bought a few more bits and pieces which will be shown in a haul very soon.
After a crazy five hours of shopping, we headed to the Prince Edward Theatre. We picked up our tickets and made our way to our seats, I could not believe how close we were to the stage, we could see everything perfectly. The show was incredible and I throughly enjoyed every second of it, the actors were incredible, I cannot recommend it enough. I will probably end up going to see it again before the end of the year. After the show, myself and Shane decided to get some food, out of all of the places I could of chosen to eat in London, I chose Pizza Express, haha. I had been thinking about pizza for most of the day so it was hard to try and force myself to go anywhere else. The pizza was beautiful and went down a treat, after this we had to head back to the bus station to get our bus home, we had the megabus gold home which was way more comfier and even had plug sockets and wifi, heaven, haha!

I had such a lovely day in London and can't wait to go again, I am so grateful for everything that I received for my birthday. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Products That Weren't That Great

Monday, 27 April 2015

I love having positive things to say on the blog but at the same time, when I read other blogs I like to read an honest opinion. Some of the products I write about are not the best and I want our readers to know that we are always honest in our posts.

Let me start with the Makeup Revolution EYES LIKE ANGELS Palette. The price was amazing £8 for 32 shades, packaging was the standard black plastic of Makeup Revolution products and the matt shades are as good as all of their other products. However when I went to use a few of the metallics I found the pay off to be quite terrible when using a brush. I resorted to using my finger in the end, which worked relatively well but obviously wasn't the greatest. I would't say don't buy this palette because it is a great budget buy, but that is exactly what it is, budget. I love Makeup Revolution and am always buying new bits and bobs, but this one was a little bit of a let down for me.

On to E.L.F. both the brush and the powder were from here. The brush was part of the more expensive brush range and was terrible quality. I bought another brush from the budget range at the same time and it was fab, I am still using it now but after the first use the of this one it all started to moult and all the bristles were falling out left tight and centre. The powder I think is more of a personal preference kind of deal. I didn't really try it in the shop before I bought it and when I finally got around to trying it, it made my skin quite patchy and clumped in certain areas. I think this was probably down to my skin however as I have very dry areas and very oily areas so finding something that works with both is quite difficult. 

Have you had any products that you just couldn't get on with recently?

Abi xo

Happy Birthday Savannah!!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Would just like to say a massive Happy 21st Birthday to Savannah for today! She is currently in London shopping so get yourselves prepared for a massive haul next week. My WhatsApp hasn't stopped all day with updates from her and Shane so I can just imagine the amount she's bought haha. 

Abi xo

Trying New Things

Friday, 24 April 2015

I am the sort for finding a product I like and sticking to it and I tend to shy away from trying new things. But I have started pushing myself lately, in all aspects of life (mainly food), to try new things. So if I find myself having a natter with someone at a beauty counter, again trying new things would have never done that last year, I always see what samples of products they have to share. These are not all beauty counter samples some are magazine freebies but none the less I am trying them all. I must say I am still gravitating towards Roller Lash, how amazing is this mascara?! Not only is it great to get a small sample of products before you spend a bit of money on the full thing but trial size makeup is perfect to fit in your bag or take away in your hand luggage. 

Abi xo

Asda Homeware Wishlist

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I picked up the new George Home catalogue when I was doing a bit of food shopping last week in Asda, and was really impressed with some of the new range they have in for Spring/Summer 15. I found myself fancying lots so decided to do a little wishlist for some of the smaller items.

Have you seen the new range at Asda? What are your favourite pieces?

Abi xo

Grabbing A Bargain

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I love a good bargain and I always love finding little bits and bobs for photo shoots. I nearly always find an awesome bargain on eyelashes in the big sales in Topshop or Claires Accessories. If you have a good rummage towards the end of the sale you can nearly always find a battered box or two that no one wants because of the state of the packaging. I have a quick look inside the box, see if everything is in there and the lashes are not damaged but more often than not its just a grubby box. 

Obviously I would never wear these as normal lashes, but they are perfect for creative fashion and editorial shoots when you are looking for something unique and different. I actually used the Paperself lashes the day after I took these images. I love Paperself and get that little bit more excited if I find these whilst rummaging. These Under The Sea lashes were perfect for my editorial look book that will be posted very soon.

Where do you get your best beauty bargains?

Abi xo

Blog Photography Props

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I always find deciding on how to photograph things for the blog the hardest. Being a photographer I sometimes think people will be scrutinising at my images more as it is part of my day job. I usually chicken out of using too many props and just go for plain and simple. But yesterday I decided to have a play around with a few things I had lying around the studio.

I love my wooden backdrop, I have a few varieties and it nearly always works really well for the products I am photographing. I do like to mix it up a bit though, I hate clicking on the blog and seeing a stream of product images all taken on the same backdrop in the same way. 

I think fairy lights are always a good shout to liven up an image. These were Ikea lights and they have such an awesome variety at the moment so I would recommend a look. Then placing everything on top of a magazine and throwing in some sun glasses added in a bit of interest to an otherwise boring image of some mascaras (post coming soon btw). 

What are your blog photography prop must haves? Anything you think you could work on?

Abi xo

Pretty Little Liars - Get the look - Aria Montgomery

Monday, 20 April 2015

The next 'Get the Look' post is Aria Montgomery, I love her style so much and her eyebrows are just to die for. I have started the look off with a black daisy dress from New Look, which I think is something that Aria would definitely wear. The next part of the outfit are over the knee socks from ASOS, this is something that I have seen Aria wear on numerous occasions, whether it's with a dress, a skirt or a pair of shorts. I then found these amazing lace up heels on sale in Debenhams, these would be perfect with the over the knee high socks. I then added an oversized Topshop black cardigan to make this look a lot more casual, as this is something that Aria does quite often. Finally, I added this beautiful layered necklace from Forever 21 as this really helps to tie the look together.

Aria's skin is always glowing and her cheeks always look slightly flushed, I decided to use the Benefit Coralista blush for this as it gives a beautiful soft glow to the cheeks. Finally, the eyebrows, Aria's eyebrows are just on point, I love the fullness of them. I decided to use the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown for this.

Which Pretty Little Liar would you like to see next?

Youtube Inspiration

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Yesterday I uploaded the first vlog in forever over on my channel. I did explain a few months back that YouTube would be taking a back seat as I was loving blogging and didn't have time to do that, run my business and film YouTube videos all of the time. However, I am really missing YouTube and was looking for some inspiration for some new videos. If you have any ideas or if you have a channel yourself, let me know in the comments below and I will hopefully find some time during next week to film new content.

Abi xo

Lancôme Skin Care Routine

Friday, 17 April 2015

Last time I was in Cardiff I stopped by the Lancôme counter and tried out some of their skin care products. I picked up Hydra Zen - Neurocalm Moisturising Cream and Galateis Douceur Cleanser as I wanted to try a new skin care routine. I have oily skin with some very dry patches which can sometimes make it difficult to find cosmetics and skin care. I will be using these products over the next few weeks to see how well they work, first impressions are quite good though. I will let you know how it goes :)

Abi xo

Making Baby Shower Cupcakes

Thursday, 16 April 2015

So this was supposed to get uploaded last night but I fell asleep as it took so long to make the cakes. Epic fail! Anywho my sister is going to a friends baby shower today and decided to offer her expertise in cake making. Just to clarify, she has none. So what she really meant when she said "Ahh I will make the cakes" was "Ahh Abigail will make me some cakes, I will decorate a little bit of them and pretend that I made them all". So that is what happened. 

I made a mixture of raspberry and chocolate cakes then iced them both with buttercream, the chocolate ones also had chocolate ganache. The icing wasn't exactly what we had planned but at 10:30 at night with 20 cakes to ice I had given up caring. 

Kristie made small little toppers for the raspberry cakes out of roll out icing, there were a few dummies and prams in there. We had quite a few spare so we had them for breakfast this morning and they tasted beautiful, even if I do say so myself.

We did say we would upload every day of April but I have managed to miss one or two. This should be rectified as of today as a few little things were sprung on me so I didn't have time to post. 

Abi xo

Mermaid Quay Music Festival, Cardiff Bay

Monday, 13 April 2015

Yesterday I headed down to Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay to support my husband's band Fingertrap in a Made In Cardiff TV Show competition. There were 6 acts that had been chosen by the judges to perform and compete on the last day of Quay Fest. 

It was a lovely day out with a lot of friends and family coming to show their support. The competition was judged by Shay from Kids In Glass Houses, Matt from Climbing Trees, Actress Sian King and Made In Cardiff Editor Rhian George. All of the bands were great and they kept a steady crowd throughout the day which was awesome. It will all be on Made In Cardiff TV tonight from 8 o'clock which is freeview channel 23, Sky 134 and Virgin 159. Spoiler Alert Fingertrap won!! Oh and Pugsey was also attention seeking most of the day so I have a funny feeling he may have his TV debut tonight too!

Abi xo

McBusted MEATour Cardiff - An Unexpected Night Out

Saturday, 11 April 2015

So yesterday I was on the way down to Cardiff to do a spot of shopping with the husband as he is off to Germany to do a few gigs next week (standard Insta shot here) and had a wonderful phone call. I had been trying all day to acquire some tickets for McBusted's show as a surprise for Nick's birthday, which is today (Happy Birthday Nick), but it was a sell out. I tried all ways to get tickets but all I could get was standing tickets which, for a number of reasons which are both boring and unnecessary to the story, were unsuitable. I had all but given up and went down to Cardiff not really looking my best, to then get a phone call from a friend who had managed to get me on the promoters guest list for the show! Not only did I have amazing seats, they were free, +1 awesome wife points! 

Sorry for the terrible iPhone photos (didn't know I was going and all that)
The show, as always with McFly/McBusted was amazing! I know a lot of people think they are uncool and I know a lot of people there were only there for the nostalgia but they are all really awesome musicians. I have followed McFly from the beginning and have always thought they were one of the biggest underrated bands, and as I have said before, some of McBusted's new songs are really overly cheesy but they do know how to put on an epic show. I don't care who you are, there is no way you can keep still at a McBusted gig! We also made it onto 'Kiss Cam' during It's All About You so if anyone has any video/photos please link me below because I was too busy kissing Nick to see!

Abi xo

Book Wishlist

Friday, 10 April 2015

I am going through weird faze at the moment where I can't decide what I want to read. I seem to be going for extremes of really creepy thrillers or completely trashy rom-coms. 

The Girl On The Train seems to have been doing the rounds for quite a few weeks. I have been meaning to pick a copy up but have always got a new book on the go every time I see it. 

I have read one of Jenny Colgan's previous novels and really enjoyed it. West End Girls seems like one of those easy in between books kind of reads.

Much the same as the previous, Don't Tell Brides-To-Be seems like another easy read. I love a book that you can read through in a day or two after you've had a really intense book like a thriller or crime novel.

The Miniaturist, Elizabeth Is Missing and The Girl In 6E are all very different books. They all seem very strange and intriguing in different ways and I will definitely be picking them up when I get through my TBR this month.

Do you have any books on your wishlist this month?

Abi xo

Get the look - Hanna Marin - Pretty Little Liars

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hi guys, not long ago Abi did a 'Get the Look' post for Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I loved this post, I also really enjoy reading these so I decided to give it a go. This is going to be a mini series which I hope to upload every week. I am going to be doing a 'Get the Look' post for each of the Pretty Little Liars girls, if you haven't seen Pretty Little Liars, seriously where have you been? It's only one of the best shows ever, haha.

The first 'Get the Look' post is Hanna Marin, she is definitely my favourite out of the girls. I decided to start the look off with a slogan vest from Missguided, I think this vest is perfect for Hanna's style as she is forever rocking slogan tshirts/vests. I then decided to team this vest up with a reliable pair of black high waisted skinny jeans with rips in them. These jeans are from Topshop and are extremely stylish and give a very edgy feel to the look, which is what Hanna usually goes for.  I then added a striped peplum jacket from Topshop over the vest to bring a a slightly girly feel to the look, Hanna is always rocking a blazer or patterned jacket over the top of her outfits. Finally for the shoes, I decided to add a gorgeous pair of New Look boots with a chunky heel to tie the look together. I also added a pair of New Look big black earrings, as Hanna is often spotted wearing statement jewellery.

Hanna's skin is always quite natural, however she does rock a smokey eye. For this look, I decided to use the shades 'Gunmetal' all over the lid and 'Creep' in the crease and on the outer corner of the eye, both of these shades are from the Naked 1 palette. Finally, to finish the look off, I decided to use a pink lipgloss as this is something that Hanna often wears, the colour I chose was 'Picnic in the Park' from Tanya Burr Lipgloss collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I really enjoyed putting it together. Let me know what you think. Also, how good was the season finale of Pretty Little Liars? I cannot wait for the new series.


Chessington World of Adventures

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

On Bank Holiday Monday, my boyfriend Shane, my sister and her boyfriend and my friend decided to go to Chessington World of Adventures. We booked the tickets the Saturday before so it was really a spur of the moment trip. I was looking online at Chessington and thought it would be a lovely place to spend Bank Holiday as it had both a Zoo and Theme park.

We left the house extremely early, 7am to be exact, as it was a two and a half hour drive from where I lived. We arrived at the park at around 9:40 and headed straight to the park. The park is set out so lovely, each area has a different name such as 'Wild East Asia' and 'Transylvania' and each of these areas have a mixture of both rides and animals. The first ride we headed for was 'Dragon Falls', this was a log flume and was amazing, water rides are always my favourite. The next ride we headed to was 'Kobra', the queue for this was huge and we spent two hours waiting to go on it which was a bit of a nightmare. However, when the ride started we completely forgot how long we had been queueing for and thoroughly enjoyed it. After we had been on these rides, we decided to wander around the Zoo, the first place we went was 'Trail of the Kings', here we seen gorillas, lions, tigers, lynx and many other animals. The tigers were definitely my favourite as they were so beautiful. After this, we wandered over to Sea Lion Bay, we had missed the show but the sea lions were still playing around in the water which was so cute. We also saw otters and reindeers. After this, we decided to head over to Penguin Bay, I love penguins, I wanted to take one home with me, haha. We then went to Sealife, where we saw a range of different fish, jellyfish and sharks. We walked through an underwater tunnel where you could see all the different fish and sharks swim above you, this felt so strange.


After this we all realised we were extremely hungry, we headed over to a place called 'Market Square Pizza and Pasta Buffet', it was £10.95 for unlimited pizza, pasta, salad and drinks, amazing right?! The pizza was wonderful and I went slightly overboard and ate so much. After food, we decided to head to 'Zufari: Ride into Africa', this was like an african safari. We were sat in an off road truck which held around thirty people. This truck would then drive through different areas where there were many different animals. We saw rhinos, giraffes, zebras and many other animals. I loved this ride as you got to see so many animals up close. The ride also took us through a cave where water was poured over the top of the truck. We then headed over to the 'Rattlesnake' ride, this was a rollercoaster which had sharp turns and a lot of dips, I loved this ride and laughed all the way around it. Finally, before heading home, we headed back over to 'Dragon Falls' for one last go as this was my favourite ride of the day.

I thoroughly enjoyed Chessington, it was such a family friendly place with attractions for all ages. The park was so clean and every member of staff we came across were so friendly and talkative, which made the day a lot better. If you are looking for a fun day out I would recommend Chessington World of Adventures as we all really enjoyed ourselves.


Where have you been?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hi everyone! I know a few of you have probably been wondering where I have been as I haven't been blogging for quite some time now. I'm going to start at the very beginning, before you start reading this post I am just going to warn you that this post isn't really going to be a happy and fun post, sorry guys!

So last November my dad was unfortunately diagnosed with Mouth Cancer, as you can imagine that word alone can turn your whole world upside down. As soon as we found out we were in complete shock and completely devastated, as you instantly think the worse. After we found out, the next few weeks flew by. The doctors told us that my father would need to go into hospital to have a major operation which would remove and rebuild half of his tongue. When we were told what the operation entailed, the doctor told us that my dad would have to have speech therapy as he would not be able to speak for quite some time, this broke my heart as my dad is such an outgoing and talkative person.

The operation took ten hours and after it was over, we were allowed to go in to intensive care to give him a kiss on the forehead, even though he was fast asleep. I had no idea what to expect when walking in to intensive care, I didn't know what my father would look like. As I walked in, I looked over at my dad and he was covered in staples and cuts, I cried my eyes out. It was extremely difficult to see my dad like this.

The next day we went back to intensive care to visit him and this time he was awake. As soon as I walked into the room with my sister, he burst out crying and was trying to speak, he looked so helpless. As weeks went on my dad progressed and even started trying to speak, I was so proud of him. He was discharged from hospital two weeks before Christmas, which was brilliant news, however the doctors did say that he would need a blast of chemotherapy and then radiotherapy for six weeks.

Our Christmas was amazing and it was so lovely to spend time together as a family. The presents didn't seem to matter, I realised that family time was a lot more important.  After christmas, my father started his chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The second week of radiotherapy, my father's health seemed to deteriorate and thing's took a massive turn for the worse. My dad was rushed into hospital with a ruptured bowel, I didn't realise how serious this was. The doctor's had to perform an emergency operation which resulted in my dad having a colostomy bag. After the operation my father was put into intensive care and things just seemed to go from bad to worse. I remember the doctors saying at one point, "these next few days are crucial". I felt like I was going to drop, the thought of losing my father just didn't seem possible, I couldn't face it.

My dad was in intensive care for six weeks and was not woken up until the third week. I remember when they were trying to wake him up and all the nurses were trying to get him to squeeze their hands and he wouldn't respond. I decided to have a go, I grabbed hold of my dad's hand and said "Come on dad, wake up, give me a squeeze if you can hear me" and with that he squeezed my hand. I burst into tears, I felt like there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. My dad seemed to get stronger week after week and was finally discharged from hospital.

He is now home and has finished his radiotherapy, however he is struggling to eat and has a feeding tube which I help set up for him every night. I honestly cannot put into words how proud I am of my dad, he is my hero, what he has been through these last six months is unbelievable. I also can't tell you how proud I am of Abi for keeping this blog up to date and stepping in and taking over.  She has been so supportive these last few months and from day one she has been there for me, when I needed someone to pour my heart out to. She is a star and I am proud to call her my best friend. I hope to start blogging again when things calm down and I have a ton of posts planned. I hope you all understand.


Wanderlust Daydreaming on Social Media

Monday, 6 April 2015

We have taken the plunge and got ourselves a dedicated Facebook and Twitter Page! Would be great if you could all head on over and like/follow us. If you hadn't already noticed we are posting everyday of April so these pages will keep you up to date with everything.

Whilst we are doing a general update post, is there anything in particular you would like to see on Wanderlust Daydreaming? Is there anything that you have already seen and would like us to do more of? Leave some suggestions in the comments!

Abi xo

Space.NK Wishlist

I am only just discovering the wonders of Space.NK and I just want everything! What are your favourite items on Space.NK a the moment? 

Abi xo

April TBR

Sunday, 5 April 2015

I have loads books on my iPad that have been sitting there waiting to be read for ages, so I thought April could be the month that I could start to get through them. I don't really know a lot about any of them which makes them all the more interesting. They were all impulse buys because they were on offer or I had seen a lot of people recommending them. I think I am looking forward the the John Green book the most as it is the only one of his I haven't read yet.

Have you read any of these books? Any recommendations for May?

Abi xo