The Super Market Burger Taste Test with The Super Burger Bros

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Yesterday I was invited to a burger tasting with The Super Burger Bros and it was definitely a blogger event I could get used too. As we arrived the chef for The Urban Tap House was loading up the burgers to take them through to the kitchen, I was handed my score card and was introduced to the other bloggers. 

Then it was on to the tasting. There were 8 burgers in total all from super markets and all the standard burger, no fancy stuff. They were all cooked on the same grill, to the same temperature and there was no extra seasoning involved. They were all then put on to numbered plates so we didn't know where they were from. 

At first I thought tasting 8 burgers would be quite easy, I was so wrong. By the last one I could just about manage a bite let alone finish my whole half. But, for the sake of humanity, we had to find out which burger was the best, so I ploughed on through! 

We then scored the burgers from 1 through to 8 and tallied the scores to find out which burger came out on top. What was really surprising was that most of us had scored the burgers completely differently, which goes to show that there is no perfect burger. But some of them were actually terrible and nearly all of us agreed which one. 

The burger I ranked number 1 wasn't actually the overall winner of the evening but I can tell you it was from Tesco. If you want to find out which brand won, head over to The Super Burger Bros and check out their blog. 

I had such an awesome evening and I'm hoping that there will be more burger events in the pipeline because no matter how much I love beauty events, food will always win for me!

Abi xo

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