Taking Pugsey To The Beach

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spring is nearly upon us, and for a couple of days this weekend we actually had some sun. I had to work, as usual, but I closed up the shop as soon as I could to enjoy what sun was left. Friday we took Pugsey to Penarth for his first trip to the beach. It wasn't amazingly successful as he really didn't like it. It was quite choppy and the waves were crashing really loud so I think it was all just a little too much for him with his sight not being the greatest. 

Saturday we decided to try him in Rest bay as there is a much larger area to walk next to the beach without being to close to the sea if it was the same as the day before. Luckily Pugsey really enjoyed himself in Porthcawl and it was hard work trying to get him back off the beach. I also managed to get a few photos!

Abi xo


  1. I'm so glad he liked it in the end! My pooches absolutely love the beach.
    And Pugsey is a handsome devil isn't he?
    M x Life Outside London

    1. He is so funny, we've only had him 2 weeks and I have so many photos of him!

      Abi xo