50 Shades of Grey - Movie Review

Monday, 2 March 2015

So last week I decided to go to the cinemas to see 'Fifty Shades of Grey', I hold my hands up and say i'm guilty for falling into the hype of this book/film. As soon as everyone started raving about the book, I knew I needed to read it. I really enjoyed the book and knew I wanted to see the film. The film was almost identical to the book, from what I can remember and I really enjoyed it. 

If you weren't familiar with the storyline of this movie/book, it follows the storyline of a literature student known as Anastasia Steele, she attends an interview with a very wealthy and intimidating man called Christian Grey.  Anastasia falls for Christian and finds herself wanting him, Christian also admits that he wants her too but on his own terms. 

If you wasn't aware this book/film is an erotic romance novel, so as you can guess, in some parts can be quite explicit, however I feel that the director handled these scenes very tastefully and didn't make them too awkward to watch. 

Both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, play the leads and I feel that they were suited perfectly as Dakota looks very innocent and naive, and was perfect at being sarcastic,whereas Jamie already has a very mysterious look about him, he is also obviously very handsome. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this film, even though it's had it's criticisms, I can't wait for the next film. 



  1. everyone is so hyped up about it but I honestly have no interest in reading or watching the movie. erotic sex is not my idea of a good movie


    1. The film does follow a storyline, it isn't just about that. I understand it won't be everyones cup of tea as I mentioned in the blogpost, it has had its criticisms. Obviously your entitled to your opinion, as am I. :) x