I Don't Know What To Do

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Sorry for another post but I felt that this was the best time to write this. Over the last few weeks I have really not been feeling myself, I am usually a happy person but there is a lot of things that are going on in my life that I have had to deal with, these problems have caused me not to go to University as I just couldn't face it and other things became more important. 

I feel like I need to share this with someone as I just feel that it is building up inside of me. When I started University last year I thought it was the best decision of my life and loved it, however over the last few months I have found myself hating it, I know hate is a really strong word but this is the only way I can describe how I feel. I start a new term on Monday and I feel physically sick at the thought of going back and my heart starts to race. When starting University I wanted to become a Teacher, however I just feel that this isn't for me anymore. I don't feel like I am passionate enough about being a teacher, which is just causing me to have no motivation. Before I left school to go to University I dreamt of being a makeup artist and opening my own shop, however I freaked at the thought of not being able to have the money to start a business so I just went for the second thing that I wanted to do.

I have only spoke to one of my closest friends about this as I cannot face the thought of telling my family or boyfriend as I just think I will look like a failure. I just feel like i'm plodding along and just existing instead of living. I really don't know what to do, I have another year and a half left of this course. I know this is quite a depressing post but I needed to get it off my chest.
Any advice?


Girl Online - Zoe Sugg Book Review

Hi guys! It's been a while, I thought I would start back up with a review of the book 'Girl Online' by Zoe Sugg. This was one of my presents for Christmas off my boyfriend as he knew how much I love Zoe. I fell in love with this book as soon I seen it, the front cover is absolutely beautiful and so girly. I also love the fact that it is a hardback book, I prefer these. I started reading this book on Boxing day morning and finished it by the evening, I really couldn't put it down. Many of you probably know who Zoe Sugg is aka Zoella, if not, where have you been?
The main character of the book is Penny, this character is so easy to relate to, as you can relate to all the teenage troubles she is facing such as boys, troubling friendships and anxiety. Penny has a blog and she uses it to log all her thoughts and feelings, however her blog is anonymous as she calls herself 'girl online'. Penny starts facing a lot of trouble at school and her family decide to whisk her away to New York with the company of her best friend Elliot. In New York, Penny meets an american, 'rock star' looking guy named Noah. Penny starts falling for Noah very quickly and captures all these secret moments on her blog, however Noah has a secret too which could ruin everything for Penny. 

I absolutely loved this book as it was such an easy read, the time went by so quick and I didn't even realise that I had been reading it all day. I found it very difficult to put the book down after starting it. The characters in the book are so easy to relate to as you realise that you have faced some of their problems in your teenage years. I was so happy to find out that Zoe was planning on releasing a second book as I feel that there is so much more that we could learn from the characters as you only really touch on their personalities in 'Girl Online'. All in all, I am really impressed with this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and girly story.


Where Have You Been?

Saturday, 27 December 2014

(Picture from Christmas Day!)

Hi Guys, it's Savannah! I know I have been absent for quite some time, I am extremely sorry for this. Over the last few weeks my life has become pretty hectic, I have had to try and deal with things that I never thought I would and trying to juggle both uni work and the blog was extremely difficult. I felt terrible that this whole blog had to be run by Abi as I know she has had a crazy few weeks in her studio with the lead up to Christmas. I have a ton of posts that I have planned for the next few weeks including a 'What I got for Christmas' post, exciting. I am sorry for my absence but I can assure you that I will be back very soon!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!


P.S, Sorry about the crappy photo but I wanted to include some sort of image to brighten the post up, haha!

Vlogmas Week One Roundup

Monday, 8 December 2014

So I have actually reached the week two of Vlogmas. Last year I only got to day 3 so I am very happy with myself so far! If you have missed any or haven't watched them yet you can catch up below.

Vlogmas Day 8 will be up in a few hours, if you are taking part in vlogmas or blogmas this year, leave me your links below so I can take a look.

Abi xo

McBusted Album - Review

Sunday, 7 December 2014

This is a bit of a controversial one. There are so many people that are against McBusted, some of them are the die hard McFly fans, some of them are the people who just want to hate them because of who they are or what they represent, the cheesy pop band from the 00's, and some people just genuinely dislike the music. I must admit I am one of those people who are slightly annoyed that they didn't bring out the already recorded 6th McFly album before they started this new band. I am a massive McFly fan and have always loved them but no matter how much I am trying to deny it I am starting to like McBusted. 

'Air Guitar' wasn't my favourite song, I am the first to hold my hands up to that, but it is growing on me. However as soon as I heard their newest single 'Get Over It' I loved it! So much so I thought I would give the album the chance I was adamant I wasn't going to give it. Now don't get me wrong I love Matt Willis and James Bourne. I have met both of them and they were genuinely nice and lovely people but I really wanted McFly back. After hearing this album, I don't think it's going to happen any time soon. The songs are so catchy and, even though not all of them are amazing, obviously thats just my opinion, there are quite a few on there that I really liked straight away.  

'Hate Your Guts' was one of my immediate favourites and you can definitely hear Mark Hoppus' influence. The same thing happened with 'Before You Knew Me' the lyrics were so funny and clever. There were also songs that I hated as soon as I heard them, most specifically 'Riding On My Bike'. It was the complete opposite of the last two I mentioned, with immature lyrics that annoyed me so much I turned it off before the second chorus. 

I haven't heard the album enough to say whether it is one I will be still listening too in a few months time, but I definitely enjoyed it on the most part. I would say that if you are one of those McFly fans  not listening out of spite or people hating them just because they are not 'cool' enough for you, you should definitely listen to it, even if you just stream it on Spotify or Youtube. Don't write it off before you've given it a chance, like I nearly did, it might just surprise you.

Abi xo

Instagram Lately

Friday, 5 December 2014

Ikea Cheesecake | McBusted Album | Microwave Mug Cake | Boohoo.com Order | I Found Santa | Christmas Lights | New Shop Signs | Caramel Waffle And Coffee |

Abi xo

A Quick Christmas Read - Christmas With Billy And Me - Giovanna Fletcher

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It is finally December which means that I no longer have to hide my Christmas festivities behind closed doors. I have tinsel and fairy lights everywhere and I no longer have to feel ashamed about it. Keeping up with the Christmas spirit I thought I would share with you a lovely little Christmas read by Giovanna Fletcher. This is a little follow on from her title 'Billy And Me' but I don't think you would have had to read it to enjoy the story, but it probably does help. 

It is a short story, but it gets you right into the Christmas mood from the offset. I love Giovanna's writing so it was so easy to get into and I read it all whilst in the bath. It it was an uplifting story that made me even more excited (is that even possible) for Christmas. I might even re-read it on Christmas Eve, tis the season and all that.

Have you got any favourite Christmas reads?

Abi xo


Monday, 1 December 2014

It is that time of the year again. Last year I failed miserably but I am giving it another go. Day 1 of Vlogmas is already up and day 2 is uploading as we speak, so I am off to a good start! I have got a few things planned but could do with a few more ideas of things to do.

If you have any suggestions of things I can do to make the vlogs more interesting this December, let me know in the comments.

Abi xo