Starting a YouTube Channel?

Friday, 24 October 2014

I have been thinking about this for far too long. Over the last few years I have watched YouTubers come from a small channel and doing something as a hobby turn into internet superstars, which is crazy. It is so true that the internet is taking over the world.

Ever since watching YouTube videos, I have gained a love for makeup and fashion. I always love how much effort a YouTuber puts into their videos, to make sure everything looks perfect. Every year I contemplate whether or not I should start a YouTube channel and then I talk myself out of it so much, worrying about the consequences and people that don't understand poking fun. I usually put it off and regret it. However I feel like now I should just do it, I don't care what people think, as I know it will be something I will enjoy and love doing. I've decided I am going to start my own YouTube channel which will cover everything from chatty videos, to makeup tutorials and lookbooks. I can't wait to start this new project and to see where it leads. I hope you will enjoy it too. I will keep you updated on our blog to tell you when I am going to put up my first video.



  1. Cool! I can't watch to watch your video!

  2. i say go for it hun. just do it! i can't wait to watch your videos!

    1. That's what I was thinking :) I'm just gunna go for it! Thank you x