Back to Uni Haul

Sunday, 12 October 2014

I have recently just started back to university, it's crazy and scary to think I only have two years left. I love the thought of going back to university and buying all new stationary and books but I hate the thought of cold early mornings.

I knew I needed a large bag for university as I would have to put all my books and laptop in there. I looked in Topshop, River Island, H&M and many more shops, I just couldn't seem to find anything I really liked. I then stumbled across this beauty in Primark, which I love. The colour is perfect and the shape of the bag, it's big enough to fit everything in there.  I picked up this bag straight away and have had so many compliments on how nice it is, most people can't seem to believe it's from Primark.

I then decided to go to ASDA for my stationary as all their back to school stuff had huge discounts. The first thing I picked up was a diary, I loved the design of this diary as it had vintage cameras, telephones and cassettes on the front. I was shocked when I seen the price of it, just £1, can you believe it?

I then picked up two notebooks, the first was an A4 Oxford notebook, I'm very fussy with notebooks, sad I know, haha. I usually like the paper to be quite thick. This notebook was only £2 and it's pink, which I love. The last notebook I bought, I spotted on the way out of ASDA and I ran back in to get it. It was a NU A5 notebook, I thought this would be perfect to write assignments in and it was only 50p, bargain!

The last thing I bought was a pencil case, I loved the design on this one, it was very simple, but just reminded me of autumn. This was only around £1.50, which again was an absolute bargain.

Let me know if you found any bargains!



  1. Love the colour of your bag! Love the camera dairy/notepad you have too it's so nice! Abi :)

  2. the bag is a beaut! great photography!

  3. I love your bag! I can't believe it's from Primark either, it's a nice colour. The stationery is all lovely too, and such good value! xx


  4. Thank you :D neither could I, it's such a lovely bag x

  5. That bag is an amazing plum colour, I would love to own it!

    Amy at Amy & More