Lush Cardiff Blogger Event

Monday, 1 September 2014

Last Thursday, myself and Abi were kindly invited to a Lush blogging event in Cardiff. The event allowed us to test out their new skincare and sun care products which was very exciting.  As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the lovely staff at Lush, they welcomed us into the store and told us to have a browse around, I had to fight the urge to pick up a basket and fill it full of products. The staff then called us all together and told us what was going to happen and what products they had on offer. They split us into two groups and one group went upstairs and the other stayed downstairs. 

Myself and Abi stayed downstairs and were shown the sun care products first. The lovely woman in Lush, unfortunately I didn't get her name, talked us through all the sun care products and how you would use them. My favourite was the Million Dollar Moisturiser, it felt so lovely and left a lovely glow on the skin. 

We were then offered Tea and Cake from a company called Waterloo Tea, they offered different flavoured teas, myself and Abi are not big fans of tea so we didn't try any, however Abi did enjoy a delicious slice of chocolate and salted caramel cake.

We were then guided upstairs to the next station which was skincare. We were shown several facial masks and different lotions. The woman explained how each one could be used for different things such as the face and body. I was instantly drawn to the Mask of Magnaminty, the scent reminded me of After Eight Chocolates, which are amazing. The woman at Lush explained that it leaves a lovely cool feeling on the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.  She also explained that it was very good in combatting spots. 

We were also offered another cup of tea and a slice of lemon and poppy seed cake from Waterloo Tea.  I wish I had actually tried something now as it looked delicious.

We then moved on to the last station which was the perfumes. The woman at Lush explained the meaning behind some of the names of the perfumes which was very interesting. We were then allowed to test the perfumes out on each other. I loved the packaging on the perfumes, they all looked very quirky. My favourite was the Dirty Body Spray, the packaging on this was amazing, it looked like the packaging for a cleaning product, I loved it. It also smelt really good.

At the end of the evening we decided to wander around and try out different things. The women at Lush were so helpful, if they saw that we were slightly confused by certain products, they would approach us in a very friendly manner and explain what the products were.

Myself and Abi decided to buy the Comforter Bubble Bar, as this was one of our favourite products. I was very tempted to buy a lot more but I held myself back.  After paying for our products we were each given a goody bag which contained the Mask of Magnaminty,  a small tester pot of the Dream Cream, a bag of tea from Waterloo Tea and we were then asked which sun care product we liked best. Unfortunately they didn't have the Million Dollar Moisturiser so I decided to get The Sunblock as I liked the idea of using this in the shower. Abi decided to get the Powdered Sunshine as she liked the idea of using a powder, as this could be put on your face with a makeup brush and even on your scalp.

I really enjoyed this event, it was lovely to see and try out all the new products in Lush. Thank you so much to the women in Lush and the guys from Waterloo Tea, we really enjoyed it!



  1. Sounds like a great evening! I'm gonna have to start going to these bloggers events around Cardiff, they seem like so much fun!

  2. sounds like you had fun! lucky!

  3. It sounds like a great event! The staff in the Cardiff store have always been so helpful every time I've been in :) I really recommend Dream Cream, it's such a lovely body moisturiser, especially if your skin is feeling irritated xx

  4. It was so much fun! They were really helpful :) ooh I can't wait to try it :D x