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Saturday, 5 July 2014

A new Primark flagship store has opened in Cardiff, and I was a little over excited. Myself and Savannah went down on opening day bright and early, Starbucks in hand to wake us up. I needed clothes for Montreux Jazz Festival which I am going to 5th-7th July so festival gear was on my mind.

This was the outfit I picked out, obviously I'm going to need more than one but I went with very specific choices in my head and I was glad that I had sorted at least one outfit. 

From the top - 
The beanie was a bit of an impulse buy, but when I got to the till it had been reduced to £1 so I couldn't leave it there for that. 
The Kimono wasn't the one I originally wanted but, as per in Primark, they had run out of stock of everything that had been promoted in magazines so I had to pick another one. I still love this one and it has tassels, which the other one didn't so I was happy with that. 
The vest is just a Primark finest cami. 
The shorts whilst they were very snug around the middle I think are perfect for a festival, casual but with the lace detail. 
And on to the boots, now I know these are not everyones cup of tea, but there is a method to my madness. Over the last few weeks I have been checking the weather forecast religiously and the whole weekend looks to be wet but warm. I was fancying a pair of chelsea boots in the winter and never got around to buying them but this way I have the best of both world wellies that double into chelsea boots.

What are your Primark must haves this season. Comment a link to your hauls I love seeing what other people have found.

Abi xo

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