100 Happy Days - Week Two

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Photo of the week -  'The Big Cheese' Festival

Day One - Today was Abi and Nick's anniversary, we decided to go to their house and have a movie night and munchies, which was lovely.
Day Two -  Today, myself and Shane decided to have a quiet day in the house and catch up on our favourite TV shows, I love relaxing days like these.
Day Three - Unfortunately today I was ill, so most of this day was spent in bed. It did however allow me to catch up on any YouTube videos that I had not watched, which is always a good thing.
Day Four -  Today I decided to meet up with my friend Lucy who I had not seen in ages, it was so nice to catch up with her.
Day Five - Today was a very productive day, we started off by going swimming in the morning and then going to watch Fingertrap play in Cardiff in the night.
Day Six - Today myself and Shane decided to go out for a drive with Abi and Nick, this resulted in us driving to a casino in Cardiff, which was so much fun. I had never been to a casino before, we all ended up going in to the casino with ten pounds and coming out with twenty pounds, thanks to Nick, haha.
Day Seven - Today we went to a festival in Caerphilly, also known as 'The Big Cheese', let's see if you can guess what was in the festival, yes, it was cheese, haha. The festival has all different stalls selling different foods, most of the stalls sell different cheeses. The festival also has a music tent with live bands and a fairground. This was probably my favourite day out of the whole week as it was a lot of fun.


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